Saturday Surfing, Jan. 2, 2021


waterfall hike novato
Happy Saturday πŸ˜€

Hi, friend. Happy Saturday! I’m taking extra time to spend with the fam-bam this weekend before the rhythm of regular life returns, so short-and-sweet Saturday Surfing today.

That top pic, by the way, is how we spent our first day of 2021. In the great outdoors! We hiked up to the Fairway Waterfall in Novato along Buck Gulch Trail. It’s a family-friendly, easy hike about 2 miles there and back, so just purrfect for a leisurely stroll.

On this journey, we encountered a fairy garden (moss-covered rocks), an enclave of rock giants (big boulders), a raging river (dry creek bed) and an enchanted waterfall. 😊
We are Siamese, if you please.

You know I love a good deal.

This looks fun.

We can make it if we try.

A throwback fave!

OK, so now I want a rebounder…

How was your New Years, by the way?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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